• Senoia has seen some major development over the past couple of years. With exciting additions to the downtown scene, Senoia has more to offer, including new commercial and residential development that adds to the wonder and charm of this small town with big ambitions.

  • 1. New Shopping Experience

    With the new construction comes new stores that offer a variety of quaint hometown goods. The new shops have something for everyone as you stroll down the commercial Main Street. Whether you’re looking for southern styled clothing and accessories, or premium light fixures, the new commercial development has something for everyone.

  • 2. New Restaurants

    After exploring the new storefronts, have a seat at one of the new local restaurants Senoia has to offer. With the new construction comes a new restaurant to open soon, with patio seating and the same Senoia charm that everyone has grown to love and visit time and time again.

  • 3. New Residential Development

    If you’re looking to enjoy more of Senoia on a daily basis, as most of us are, you might inquire about the new residential development that can be seen from Main Street. These new loft-style apartments capture what it feels like to be right in the middle of Senoia’s charm. The courtyard balconies provide several of the more impressive views from these charming living spaces.