Delta Air Lines

Building Expansion

Atlanta, Georgia

Tiernan & Patrylo partnered with Delta Airlines in 2016.  As part of Delta Air Lines’ aggressive growth and upcoming Rolls Royce engine support facility, the airline needed to add maintenance bays for its smaller aircraft fleet (MD-88, MD-90, 717) and leased the former City South / Northwest Air Lines hangar from the City of Atlanta.  T&P utilized the 1974 design drawings of the original hangar and created a code compliant design utilizing 110,000 sf of the original 211,000 sf of first floor space of the facility plus the air compressor and fire pump buildings.  This hangar had not been utilized in over 15 years before the renovation was initiated so many obstacles were encountered and overcome in bringing electrical service and distribution, fire sprinkler systems, process piping, sanitary plumbing and restroom facilities, aircraft hangar doors, emergency egress pathways and controlled access up to Delta’s standards.

In addition to the initial interior hangar renovation, T&P was also awarded a Phase 2 contract to enhance the hangar for Delta employees by constructing a breakroom, Tool Room, additional restrooms, ADA compliant parking and access turnstiles as well as renovating the apron for aircraft access.