Tiernan & Patrylo completed the construction of this jet engine test and certification facility located in Hampton, Georgia.  Hale Aircraft is certified to test a variety of jet engines, including Learjet CJ610, Falcon 20 CF700, and Pratt & Whitney JT 15D and PT6’s.  The test cell built for Hale is Pratt & Whitney certified, making it one of the largest independently owned 15D overhaul capable facilities in the U.S.  The 15,000-pound thrust rate capable test facility provided Hale Aircraft the ability to perform all necessary examinations required to provide optimal safety.

Project highlights:

  • 15,000 pound thrust rate capable test cell;
  • Pratt & Whitney Certified;
  • Poured in place concrete structure;
  • One of the largest, independently owned test facilities in the U.S.;
  • Computerized monitoring and control system;
  • Project Schedule: 4 months

While working on the revitalization project, the existing plant caught on fire on the north side of the plant.  Tiernan & Patrylo Design Group and Tiernan & Patrylo, Inc. worked around the clock to design and install all new plant utilities around the fire damaged areas to have the plant up and running again in 15 days.

Bekaert then hired TPDG, Inc to redesign the fire damaged areas and T&P, Inc. to install the new plant by June 1, 2015.  The project design was started January 21, 2015 and was dried in by April 1, 2015.  The new bead wire lines will be operational for testing and production as requested.