Tiernan & Patrylo, Inc. selected by STO Corp, a worldwide leader in stucco & exterior coating products,  for the construction of the bulk storage and delivery system for dry stucco.

Tiernan & Patrylo engineered and managed the construction effort for the conversion of all Johns Manville and Atlas Roofing company projects for the conversion of their polyisocyanurate foam insulation manufacturing facilities.

This $100 million plus  design and program management assignment includes both new projects and existing plant conversions in 14 states throughout the US and two locations in Canada.

The program schedule is 18 months, includes coordination of purchasing and installation of over 2,700 equipment items and instrumentation and controls systems with in excess of 7,000 I/O points.

Tiernan & Patrylo fabricated and erected the foundations and structural steel for the new silo complex in Atlanta, Georgia.  Portions of the work required installing columns through the existing roof structure while production operations were ongoing below.

Upon completion of the structural steel erection, T&P installed the silos, product piping, blowers, receivers, dust collectors and access platforms