Tiernan & Patrylo designed and constructed a 57,000 square-foot addition for the Ball corporation facility in Rome Georgia. The facility includes a new production area along with an office/lab area and electrical utility room. The project consisted of a site demolition of existing silos, tanks, hot water pumps and a small control building. Site work included expanding the existing storm water piping and detention pond along with increasing the fire loop around the building. The building exterior design was completed to provide a smooth fusion with the by using insulated metal panels to match the existing building along with an identical 60 mil pvc roof.

T&P Electrical designed and installed a new primary service of 3MVA, 4160-480Y/277V liquid filled, pad mounted transformer with a secondary service of 4000 amp, 3Ø, Switchgear. LED high-bay, energy efficient, motion-sensing lighting was used in the production area.