Tiernan & Patrylo is designated as one of the top fastest growing companies in America.


Tiernan & Patrylo joins the group among the ranks of some of the most well-known companies in the nation. Tiernan & Patrylo is the 7th fastest growing construction company in Georgia, and has forged a place in the industry over the past 33 years of service. The highlight of this industry achievement comes from Inc. Magazine’s annual list of the 5000 fastest growing companies in America. It is Tiernan & Patrylo’s first time on the list and is on pace to continue on next year’s list as well.

“It’s an honor to work with such a dedicated team of employees. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities. We welcome these with a focused mindset and deliver the best solutions in our industry. We are proud to have been recognized nationally for our growth, and will continue to build long term client relationships moving forward.”

– John P. Tiernan, President & CEO

Tiernan & Patrylo believes that building on core values have been one of the main drivers of growth. Because of this, our expert reputation is pristine. We approach each project as if it were our own, striving to fully understand the needs of our clients and deliver the most value at the highest quality;

We are not a project oriented company but we are client oriented. We take the long view and are good partners who are trustworthy and live up to our commitments. This is the basis of our repeat client list, established over many years.
More on our core values and services can be found here.